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Lot 1: CMZ TL20 M CNC Turning Centre

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CMZ TL20 M CNC Turning Centre, Fanuc series 32i-Series A control,S/N : 1253,YOM : 2011 with Hydrafeed Multifeed barfeed
Capacity : Swing over bed : 680mm, Swing over cross slide : 510mm, Maximum turning diameter : 430mm, Distance between centres : 730mm. Driven tooling 4000rpm
Head ; Main head speed : 50-4000min, Main head power 30min/continous (Fanus) : 15/11 Kw (CV), Main head spindle nose : ASA 6" A2, Diameter of spindle bore : 73mm, Bar diameter : 67mm, Chuck diameter : 66mm, Front bearing outside diamter : 170mm, Front bearing inside diameter : 110mm
Sub-head : Sub head speed : 5000min, Sub-head power 30min/continous : 14/8 Kw (CV), Maximum rotation torque : 75 (7.6) Nm (Kg.m), Sub-head spindle nose : ASA 5" A2, Diameter of spindle bore : 43mm, Bar diameter : 34mm, Chuck diameter : 130mm, Chuck bore : 32mm, Front bearing ouside diameter : 125mm, Front bearing inside diameter : 80mm
Turret : Number of positions : 12, Indexing time between two adjacent positions : 0.15seg, Indexing time for 180degs : 0.4seg, External cutting tool shank square : 25mm, Maximum diamater of boring bar : 50mm, VDI turret (Optional) shank diamter : 40mm
Axis : X-Z-B axis displacement : 18/24/24, X-traverse : 240 (225+15)mm, Z-axis traverse : 640mm, B-axis traverse : 545mm with Empteezy 1000l swarf tipping bin (Asset 31116)

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